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Heroes in Rehab

...have a better, new and improved website, maintained by Wolfgang and his consort, PHP.  It's way more wicked than this site.  You can get there from here by clicking on the link right below this text.  Ain't computers cool ?


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nonetheless, the Heroes are still...

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

(North America, Planet Earth..for the time being)

This site is brought to you by the good people at the Sydney Carton Society, fierce dedication to aimless puttering at the computer, a couple o' bottles of 50 and too much time on Junior's hands.

The E-hab wing of the Iggy Kavanagh Memorial Hospital and Outpatient Clinic is still under construction.

For now, you will find as much information here about Heroes in Rehab as the Heroes themselves are willing to currently disclose.

The Heroes assembled in 1993 out of the ashes of the raucous, but fatally flawed Billy Pilgrim experiment. On that fateful Saturday morning, five Heroes walked into Mrs. Taylor's basement. Each of them brought their chops, their dreams, and a wicked hangover. With the addition of a few judiciously applied cups of coffee, the magic soon began.

Thanks for visiting the Ward. The Heroes are happy to see you, but would be happier if you'd brought a beer or two. We'll keep working to make the surroundings here a little more comfortable. In the meantime, enjoy the tunes.

Don't forget to sign the's at the bottom of this page.

Heroes and some idiot's enormous drumkit at Stratenger's, Toronto

Roland and Rui appear to be staring at a small shiny object on the floor. Dave is watching television. Ed is preparing to leave.

Here's what these jokers do:

Davey C: Hits stuff with sticks 'n sings

Rui: Plays wicked guitar and sings

Roland: Plays bass, drives and sings

Ed: Owns a guitar and sings

Darin: Played keys 1993 - 1996

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